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Which Wedding Moments Should Be on Film?

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

It’s that day when you and your partner finally say “I do”. There will be lots of laughter and love. Most of all, it’ll be filled with special and candid moments. This is why you need to hire people who’ll capture these moments on photos and film. And by ‘hire’, it means work with experts - photographers and videographers who’ve gone through training. Their knowledge and expertise will give you assurance of quality images and videos. Having Production company Dubai offer their services can be important for a successful wedding.

Now, photography is a staple service. It perfectly freezes in time the loving look between the couple or the touching teary eyes of the bride’s father. But you shouldn’t forget videography. It records everything, from the expression to the words said. It’s the perfect way to capture those extra special moments, such as these:

1. Exchanging of vows and I dos

They should be on top of the list; after all, promising to love each other for a lifetime is the highlight of the whole celebration. And when you obtain wedding video production in Brisbane or in Bournemouth (or where you’re getting married), guarantee that the team will capture the emotions that come with the promise of love.

2. Preparing in the morning

What were the bride and her ladies up to? What were the groom and his men up to? Were there nervous laughter or excited exclamations?

You and everyone else would love to have a glimpse on the morning preparations. Fortunately, a professional videographer will record it for pleasurable viewing and keepsake.

3. Giving of speeches

If photographs are perfect for capturing a subject in the most stunning lighting condition, videos are great for recording sounds and expressions. And when it comes to the part of the celebration when certain people have to talk, e.g. the bride’s father or the groom’s mother, professional videography will capture on film the tears of joy or the cracking voice.

4. Having that first dance

It could be between the bride and the groom or with the bride’s father. Whomever the first dance is with, a video production will let you go back in time while the song plays in the background. It’ll be just like reliving the moment.

5. Everything in between

No doubt, you and your partner will be very busy - visiting one table after another, talking to guests, having your pictures taken with some people, etc. With everything that you have to do, there isn’t time to take note of everything that’s going on. The adorable flower girl dancing to an upbeat track, your mum and dad dancing cheek to cheek or the nasty tumble of the drunken groomsman. Luckily, the team that takes care of wedding video production in Brisbane or Bournemouth have their equipment ready for just about any touching or hilarious moment.

Having read this, there’s no reason to hesitate when deciding between professional photography and videography. Why not get both services. And if you’re tying the knot on the south coast of England, I - Andy Starmore - will be your photographer in Bournemouth. I’ll capture every beautiful memory on photo and film.

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