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Turning to Videographers for Weddings and Corporate Events

Posted on Aug 26, 2014

Photographers and videographers go hand in hand, yet unfortunately for the latter videographers are significantly less frequently requested for weddings and corporate events as, in the majority of circumstances, people are aware that they need to include a photographer as part of the package in order to cover the event, but bringing in a videographer as well rarely even crosses their mind.

Although we’re clearly not going to be arguing against the benefits of hiring a photographer for your wedding or corporate event, as arguably they’re the most important person at the event in question (well, almost), the increasing role of the videographer should be looked into, as it’s been proved in Australia that videographers can play just as important a role as photographers at these types of events, with wedding and corporate video production in Melbourne being a much larger market there than it currently is here. A great company to help with your videos is only a click away, paramountvideo.com.au. In particular, you should look at:

  • The role of a wedding video in reminding you of your big day: Photographs are, without a doubt, the number one souvenir of your big day. With that said, videos can work to bring back memories that you would have otherwise forgotten, memories that weren’t captured in a photograph.
  • How video can truly capture the atmosphere surrounding such an event: Something video brings to the table that photos arguably cannot is atmosphere; whether you’re working with a trained videographer in Melbourne or a home-grown hero, the sensory nature of videos, offering you sound and movement alongside pictures, works to capture the very atmosphere of such an event.
  • How photographs and videos complement each other perfectly: With all that said, it’s this very combination of sights and sounds, of videos and photographs, that work together perfectly to compliment each other and provide you with perfect memories of your event.

Depends on Your Event

Now, the type of videographer you hire will depend on the event in which you’re hiring them for, as you’ll obviously not want a videographer trained in the art of wedding videography dealing with your corporate business video in the same way that you won’t want somebody who’s been shooting business videos all their career to suddenly turn up at your wedding.

Because most video production companies offer both of these services you’ll have to go out of your way to ask for a videographer who specialises in either weddings or corporate events to come to your event, depending on your needs. The Australian market has truly stepped up to the plate in this arena, with there being numerous companies providing video production in Melbourne, something which has yet to filter over to us in the same numbers. But with this said; there are still many companies worldwide offering these services so whether you require a Production company Dubai, Melbourne or UK; you are sure to find the right provider to meet your needs. It’ll come with time, however, as the benefits of having both photo and video evidence of your big events start to become self-evident.

In conclusion, consider contacting a video production company to record your upcoming wedding or corporate event, as the resulting video will help remind you of the day in question as it truly captures the atmosphere and compliments your photos of the event.

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