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The importance of images and videos in online marketing

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Online marketing is a complex industry and it involves doing a whole array of things from optimising your website through to managing an email marketing campaign – not to mention having a social media presence. However, there are two things that play pivotal roles in a successful online marketing campaign namely the use of videos and the use of still images.


You will need to use these visual techniques to capture your audience’s attention and to draw them into wanting to know more about what you are selling, whether it is a product or a service. These visual aids can be used in everything from your social media updates to your website and you will need to use a professional company if you want to ensure they will have the desired impact. You can search online for a company that specialises in good quality video production in Brisbane or whichever city you live in and you can also use the internet to search for a good photographer.


There are many reasons why hiring a photographer is important to your online marketing strategy, including:


Ø  It provides you with unique images

Ø  The images are private for your use only

Ø  These images can be used on your website

Ø  You can also use them on your social media updates and in an email marketing campaign

Ø  You can get new photos taken to ensure the images you use are modern and fresh

Ø  Professionally taken photos will have a bigger impact on your audience


As well as images, you can also use videos to your advantage as part of your marketing campaign but it is imperative that both your images and videos are taken by a professional.


Videos shot by a professional company can be used as part of an advertising campaign, which can include any of the following:


Ø  TV adverts

Ø  Online adverts

Ø  A YouTube campaign

Ø  As part of a training programme


Using visual techniques to capture people’s attention is a productive way to improve your business and online videos posted to both your website and websites like YouTube play an important role in any online marketing campaign. Finding a reliable video production in Brisbane or any other big city in the world can be done with a quick online search and the same can be done when you need to find a local photographer.


They can be used to increase your sales, improve your website, set up an online gallery and to increase brand awareness through everything from social media shares to emails.


A good photographer and videographer will be able to offer you advice about everything from the lighting to your location and what you do with your images and videos is up to you. Both images and videos can be optimised to improve your Google ranking and they are a great way to boost your brand awareness, as visual aids are always more appealing to watch than big chunks of text are to read. 

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